Riveting Robots is for Senior Girl Scouts (grades 9-10) and teaches girls how robots are used in daily life.

Girls first learn about well-known robots, ranging from the Mars Pathfinder to the Roomba®, research famous women robot developers and engineers, and can play our fun jeopardy game about the basics of robotics! They are encouraged to find an engineer in their community and ask if they can interview them, and if they can't to watch a TED Talk instead. They are invited to learn more about FIRST Robotics and attend a competition. They can get a first hand look at robots in action and can ask other teams about their robots and strategies. Girls then use hand tools, CAD, or programming to take apart current robotics technology and explore their own design ideas. The culminating portion of the badge encourages girls to give a presentation about a famous female robot developer, share robot designs, and join a robotics team. Girls learn about robotics in everyday life, as well as doing activities to learn about different aspects of robotics, and sharing knowledge learned with others.

If you are interested in having the Space Cookies conduct a workshop for your troop, would like information on running a workshop yourself, or have completed the badge requirements, please fill out the contact form on the Badge Inquiries page.

Riveting Robots Badge Booklet

Riveting Robots Badge Certificate