The Number Navigator badge shows Brownie Girl Scouts (grades 2-3) that math is fun and interesting.

Girls start by discussing the different ways math can be used in everyday life, the applications of math in careers, and why math is an important subject to learn. After considering the different uses of math, the girls learn to approximate length by measuring their own fingers and using the result to estimate distances on a map. Girls are also introduced to the popular numbers game, sudoku, and make their own trail mix to learn about quantities and ratios, providing an engaging way of seeing numbers in everyday life.

If you are interested in having the Space Cookies conduct a workshop for your troop, would like information on running a workshop yourself, or have completed the badge requirements, please fill out the contact form on the Badge Inquiries page.

Number Navigator Badge Booklet

Number Navigator Badge Certificate

Girls learn about ancient math techniques by playing with an abacus!