What a nice day for delicious ice cream made with chemical engineering!

The Engineering in Action badge is designed for Cadette Girl Scouts (grades 6-8) to learn more about science, technology, and different types of engineering.

The badge teaches girls about various engineering disciplines, famous female engineers, and the uses of engineering in everyday life. The numerous hands-on activities include an egg drop, disassembling electronic equipment, and making a potato battery. All of these activities are designed to introduce multiple engineering disciplines in a fun and engaging way.

Videos explaining the Ice Cream Making and Potato Battery labs are available below if you would like an example of how to run them for your troop.

If you are interested in having the Space Cookies conduct a workshop for your troop, would like information on running a workshop yourself, or have completed the badge requirements, please fill out the contact form on the Badge Inquiries page.

Engineering in Action Badge Booklet

Engineering in Action Badge Certificate

Ice Cream How-To Video

Potato How-To Video