The Code Creator badge for Cadette Girl Scouts (grades 6-8) focuses on making programming interactive.

Code Creator breaks down the fundamentals of programming, starting with its history and basic components. They first learn about the history by finding everyday technology and thinking about the how it was developed over time. They can also research and learn about famous female programmers, as well as learning about parts of a computer program, such as variables, and the basics of conditionals and their importance to more complicated programs. They can discuss how to design a program from pseudocode to debugging, and create a real computer program in Python or JavaScript. To finish, the girls can either give a presentation on the achievements of a famous female programmer or on their own project. We encourage them to attend a computer club and share their new programming knowledge. These activities teach girls about the development of programming over time and how very complex programs are composed of fundamental concepts.

If you are interested in having the Space Cookies conduct a workshop for your troop, would like information on running a workshop yourself, or have completed the badge requirements, please fill out the contact form on the Badge Inquiries page.

Code Creator Badge Booklet

Code Creator Badge Certificate