In 2016, we published our first children's book: Amy & Jada Rescue a Robot.

Amy & Jada: Rescue a Robot
By Space Cookies

The book features two young girls, Amy and Jada, who meet a broken robot named Tinker, then embark on an intergalactic adventure in pursuit of parts needed to repair their new friend. We wrote, illustrated, and published this book to show readers that young girls can be creative, resourceful, and highly capable engineers. Amy & Jada can be found on Amazon here. All proceeds from book sales are used to fund our team's outreach programs.

In 2017, we published our second children's book: P is for prototype.

Bolstered by the success of our first children’s book, we wrote and illustrated P is for Prototype. Written in verse, it tells the story of a young girl who struggles to have her ideas accepted by her class. She perseveres through all her obstacles, and is able to construct a successful robot prototype, proving her classmates wrong. While learning new vocabulary, children can see the value of persistence in the face of adversity.