LA North: Day Three

We finished qualification matches ranked third. As the third-seeded alliance captain, we invited HAI-Panda (Team 6803 from Shanghai, China) and RoboWarriors (Team 2659 from Mission Hills, California) to form an alliance.

Our alliance was undefeated in playoffs. HAI-Panda’s climbing mechanism is incredibly creative. You can watch RoboWarriors’ speedy cargo mechanism here. We are excited to see them again in Houston!

We were honored to have won the Chairman’s Award. Below is our Chairman’s Video.


The Chairman’s Award recognizes a team that embodies and spreads the message of FIRST. For more information on our community impact, check out our outreach.

It was inspiring to see the amount of Gracious Professionalism shared between teams in the midst of competition. Congratulations to every team that competed!

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