Championships Recap!

The Houston Championship was a huge success for the Space Cookies. We arrived at various times on Wednesday to load in, then spent Thursday and Friday in qualification matches in the Hopper division, meeting teams from all over the world. Nova and our drive team performed beautifully and we finished as the 30 seed.

Saturday morning got started with alliance selections, and we were ecstatic to be chosen by the third seed alliance, with Teams 2848, 2903, and our friends from the Bay Area, 604. After some thrilling and fierce competition from incredible teams, our alliance won our division! We were excited to represent Hopper on the Einstein field and extend our congratulations to the winners, Teams 973, 1011, 2928, and 5499.

We would also like to congratulate Team 3132 on an extremely well-deserved Chairman's win for their amazing outreach, as well as 2614, the winners at the St. Louis Championship. 

We are proud to have been the first all-girls FRC team on the Einstein field, advancing our mission of inspiring the next generation of technology leaders.