Offseason Competition Update

This offseason, we attended two competitions, Chezy Champs and Calgames, giving our new rookies a taste of what FRC competitions are like.

At Chezy Champs, we were the second pick of the #3 seeded alliance, selected by the captain Team 4488 along with Teams 3250 and 2073. Our alliance made it to the finals after some intense matches against Team 254's alliance. We were defeated by the #1 seeded alliance in the end, but are very proud to have been Finalists.

At Calgames, we pushed our winning streak even further, ranking 6th overall and becoming the #4 seeded alliance captains. Together with Teams 3045 and 1967, we made it to the finals again. In a thrilling matchup, Team 649's alliance won the first match and we won the second. The last match came down to one point, and we prevailed 103-102!