FRC Kickoff 2019

It’s kickoff! The 2019 challenge, Destination: Deep Space, was just released. We are ready to start prototyping, building, and programming our robot for this new challenge. We will be competing in the LA North Regional in Week 3 and Silicon Valley Regional in Week 5. Happy building!

Unspecified Tacos in Orbit

We had a blast hosting our regional FLL tournament today at Monticello Academy. 16 amazing teams, including the Galactic Potatoes, Unspecified Taco Type, and Cats Love Mars landed in Santa Clara to take on this year’s challenge, Into Orbit. We expected nothing less than awesome robots, creative projects, and consistent gracious professionalism - and we were not disappointed. Congratulations to all the teams who participated and especially the Sugar Donuts for receiving the Judges Award for their sweet, sweet teamwork.

Ask an Expert for FLL Teams

We were excited to have Professor Juan Alonso from Stanford University present a webinar for all FLL teams wishing to Ask an Expert for their Into Orbit projects. Professor Alonso is the founder and director of the Aerospace Design Laboratory at Stanford, where he studies new ways to create efficient manned and unmanned aerospace systems. Thank you Professor Alonso for helping the nearly 150 teams who joined the webinar! Watch the webinar here.

Tours at the Silicon Valley Regional!

We will be hosting FLL and FTC teams and Girl Scout troops for tours of the 2018 Silicon Valley Regional at San Jose State on Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31. Tours are one and a half hours and include Space Cookies as guides to the competition field and the pits. After your tour, your group is welcome to watch more matches or meet teams in the pit area.

If your team/troop is interested, sign up using the link below. Feel free to share our message with other teams or troops that would be interested in a competition tour. If you have any questions, email

We hope to see you there!
Space Cookies

Power Up Week 6

Check out our weekly recap here!

This week, we finished assembling our practice robot and started to assemble our competition robot. The programmers have a new and updated neural network that can detect cubes and tested the superstructure code on our robot successfully. We also worked on the auto sequences. Our business team is putting the finishing touches on our Chairman's binder and design binders.

Power Up Week 5

Watch our week 5 recap video here!

As stop build day draws near, we are finishing our practice robot and assembling our competition robot. Our programming team is working hard clean up our code to ensure that our auto and object detection work! Our business team has also submitted our Chairman's award and Woodie Flowers award!!